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Charging Lockers

Secure & Charge Your Device

Charging Station


Our Mobile Charging Station solution is the best in industry for use in Government Offices, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Hotels, Sports Centers, etc... With 14" to 43" Digital Signage, you can advertise or display any message or offer you want to deliver to your audience.


- 14" / 43" HD Screen
- Advertise Products / Promotions
- Digital Locking System
- Up to 8 Compartments
- Voice Assist
- Wall Mounted or With Stand
- No Contract No Fees


- Attract New Customers
- Increase Footfall
- Increase Spend on Premises
- Safe, Secure, Reliable


- Cafés
- Bars
- Hotels
- Shopping Centres
- Waiting Areas
- Government Offices

Charging Station

The Solar Bench

Environmentally Friendly Charging

Solar Charging

Solar Benches are new urban furniture that will help cities, universities, retail or business centers to create better, safer and user-friendly environments.

Powered by solar energy, the Smart Bench provides features such as dual sided illuminted display and USB ports with wireless charging pads.

Different content such as city information, maps or directory can be easily and securely placed on the unit.

Solar Bench

Charging Table & Stations

Popup Charging

Chargin Station

The best way to promote your product at events or exhibitions.


Easy installation, Compact & Light Weight, Easy to Carry
Charges up to 6 phones at the same time

Branding Space

By offering a free phone charging service that will help increase the foot into your booth, and make more customers see your brand and product.


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